Monday, 25 October 2010

Blitz - Treasure Chest

Ok ! So lets start off with some latest 3d Work. On the last 3D project I had on my game art course I had to create a wierd tantacled treasure chest from a concept art supported by a games company called "Blitz". To be honest the concept had some minor mistakes, especially with perspective. I had to make some decisions in terms of modeling it the proper way so that the object would work.
I have spend some time on getting the silhouette correct. Thought that the legs have to bend inside the chest a bit so that it will have an interesting shape.
Where I could I have simplified the topology. Shinked down the tri count. Tho we had 2500 triangle limit for this one I have managed to model it less than 2000. The texturing stage took me some time. Wanted to learn abit and polish it so it would be perfect. I am really satisfied with the outcome.
Here are some rendered shots.

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