Saturday, 27 November 2010

Gentlemen ?

Just some fiddling around in zbrush for my self portrait character project.

AT-ST Renders

I did some research on rendering styles and found some very interesting render setups. I have prepared some lightning in the scene and rendered out my AT-ST again with it.

I have also found an interesting way to render high poly hard edge stuff with a shellac material. I have used that to render my High Poly AT-ST Leg. It is now finished and I am working on the engine.

Blitz - Trash Project

Here is a finished model for the cuban environment that I am creating. It is nearly all uv'd so i only have to texture it properly. I also have parts to improve here. I will have to give the light post lamp a little bit more definition and curvings. At the moment it is a bit dull and boring. I will also have to change the seat that will be visible in front of the house. At first I thought that a wooden chair will be a good choice but then I started thinking in terms of the whole picture. It would be more believable if someone has put out an old, broken and grimy 50's 60's armchair made of material in front of their house to sit around during the day.
Well I will make those improvements soon. Here is the latest render.

I have also finished the trash project which was my course main part for this project. I have tried to make the items fit to the overall environment. Fruit box crate, Revolution newspaper, cans, rusty pipe and a bike rubber wheel. I have also added a plane on the floor with a huge alpha map with some dust and papers to make the whole idea of a dirty trash place.

Tripod Designs

My latest visual design project is based on the H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. We were asked to design an alien tripod. For this one I have sticked to the original text and radio broadcast. My plan is to base it on the origns and add some old victorian twist to it.
Back in the days some people were afraid of the industrial revolution. Big scary machinery with pipes and rivet all over them. Steam comming out of it constantly. It was something new for humanity so no reason that people were afraid of it. I think that this is the way to go with this project for me.
Here are some different "cylinder/boiler" based designs for the tripod. This is still a design stage. A preperation for developing a final product.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Modeling in progress ....

Here is the model so far. Did a quick paintover with crits.

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n !

Currently I am working on a simple trash project for uni. Since I have quite a lot of time to finish it I decided to build a small environment for it. To make it quite different and unique I have decided to situate this small scene in Havana Cuba. One of my desires was to make a Cuban street enviroment so I thought why not start now.

For my research I have went to the library and got some books with reference pictures of Havana. The most interesting one was "Havana" by a famous photographer David Bailey. I have gathered some ideas and reference, put them together and came up with a nice small environment piece. I have also added some distinctive features like a Fidel poster and a Cuban flag to make it more believable and interesting. This is just the first overall concept. I will post some of the different pieces of this environment soon.