Thursday, 4 November 2010

Viva La Revolución !

Currently I am working on a simple trash project for uni. Since I have quite a lot of time to finish it I decided to build a small environment for it. To make it quite different and unique I have decided to situate this small scene in Havana Cuba. One of my desires was to make a Cuban street enviroment so I thought why not start now.

For my research I have went to the library and got some books with reference pictures of Havana. The most interesting one was "Havana" by a famous photographer David Bailey. I have gathered some ideas and reference, put them together and came up with a nice small environment piece. I have also added some distinctive features like a Fidel poster and a Cuban flag to make it more believable and interesting. This is just the first overall concept. I will post some of the different pieces of this environment soon.


  1. way to go Bartster!

    I would look at making the building a little less geometrically perfect in the model though, more ramshackle and 'hand made' rather than precision engineering.

  2. Thanks for the crit Mike.

    I think I know what you mean. Instead of making the walls perfectly still on the corners and front I should model some of the "ramshackles" (deformation) on them so that the geometry won't be flat and I wouldn't have to relly only on textures and bumps to make it look realistic.
    Tho it will drasticly raise the tri count for the environment. I am already at 3000 Triangles with all the metal crates for the doors and balcony modeled. Heather sugested to not fully model them but model the outer cage of them and add some inside detail as alpha maps. I also think that a bit of geometry with some alphas would look much better than simple alphas for them.

    By the way how it is going in USA ?

  3. its all good. spent the day critting american student work...

    oh i think i repeated myself in posting to the wip. i can hear Jolyon's voice in my head always talking about making the edges of things irregular so the silhouette is more interesting

  4. Ok will do some paintover of the sihlouette tommorow. Gonna create a bunch of thumbs and see with what will I come up.

    If you can find out some information about getting a job in the states that would be awesome !