Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Environment Reference

Some time during the Christmas holidays I have been searching for alot of reference for environments. I have found this blog which contained mega high resolution pictures from the 1900's to 1910's. All of those pictures are from America. I have no clue how was it possible to recreate that kind of quality photos from old negatives. Let's have a closer look on some of the hundreds of photos I have saved from that website. One of my main interest is that kind of historicaly based architecture and I have to say that this was an brilliant find. Alot of excellent reference for future environment projects.

Those photos are just crazy ! Early American architecture was amazing. All the adverts on the side of the buildings makes them even more interesting. Funny slogans and adverts with crazy fonts showing of a new anti-cattarah product are just brilliant.

On the streets you can always see a tram with some horses and wagons. Sometimes there will be a car visible. On one of the photos there is even a Grand Express Train which is going through the center of the city using tram tracks which is such an "INCEPTION" scene LoL !

..... oh and here is the early futuristic bullet train prototype :) How amazing is that ?

Also I have acquired alot of photos of people from that age. The fire brigade or newspaper boys which are pretty awesome. All the stuff on that photos like clothing, props, wierd moustaches even the face features makes them perfect reference.

Browsing through the website content and galleries took me couple of hourse couse it has a huge ammount of them. It was defenetively worth the time. Only other way to get that kind of photographs would be propably visiting the history archives. Again I have to say it is a brilliant find. Great job and congratulations to the people from "SHORPY" which are responsible for remastering those historical photos and keeping them alive !

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