Monday, 10 January 2011

Tripod Concept and Model

This is the concept I have made for the War of the Worlds project. I have aimed for the old sci-fi style and have refered to the original text. I also haven't seen the new movie remake with Tom Cruise which I think was a plus becouse while doing the project I didn't feel like my views or imagination of the tripod was already pointed in some direction. Well here is the concept

Today I went to my dad's work to build up the model of my War of the worlds Concept. After hours of battleing with the weldig torch and finding suitable bits and pieces I have finally finished my steel model. I was hoping I could build a very large (close to human size model) but the ongoing production and the lack of largscale materials prevented me from doing this. That is why I have to work with some bits and pieces I have found from the leftovers of the production. This is what the end product looks like.

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