Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Life Changing or Career Building ?

The education system is changing each year and universities are trying to constantly improve the offered courses. As students we are all relying on the universities to structure or give us guidance on how to get ready for our graduation and our first jobs. We pick the course which offers similar standards that the industry we want to go has. It is really hard to aim correctly at it because those industries change each year and the universities have to keep up with it on order to have candidates.
What sort of skillset will we need and develop in order to get our job when graduating ? Different companies have different views on what skills an artist should have. I’ve been researching alot of job offers for artists and found out that all of the companies require traditional skills and it doesen’t matter what kind of job are you applying for. Well most people think you need to be an awesome artist to get a proper job but to be honest it’s not entirely true. By talking to different people in the industry I have found out that it differs with the job position actually. Most of the times they require basic knowledge of it. Perspective, Colour theory, shape and form. As an Character artist you need to have Life drawing studies perfect.

The industry changes and the need for specific kind of artists is slowly diminishing. Companies hire people nowdays by a range of skills that they can do because most of the work done in them is outsorced. People that will be able to do alot of stuff will be needed more and more.

How can we predict the future then ? How will we know that what we study will be still needed when we graduate ? The answer is we can’t ! It is a bit of a lottery to be honest. If the industry suddenly changes (which propably won’t happen) it will be like a kick in the nuts, all for nothing. Well the good thing is that in this industry there can’t be a major change that can affect everything we do because the whole industry would fail. But that doesen’t change the thing that a slight minor change can basicly make our last 3 years a waste of time. So the question what can we do about it ? There is one thing tho. Take this into our own hands. Follow how the industry is changing week by week and adjust your learning plan to it. Try to predict . This is the only way to be on top with what is going on.

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