Thursday, 28 October 2010

Texture Hunting pt.1

Today I have decided to start my weekly journeys around town to find interesting surfaces and textures. Things that surround us might just look and feel boring but If we look close at some of the interesting features that has been build by a human hand we can surely spot something that is great in an artistic way of thinking. I think it just comes down to way how people see the world. I try to think of all surroundings as potential art objects that I could use as reference for my uni and personal work.
Each week I will try to lure myself out further into town and find interesting peices of architecture and surfacing. I think that with this way I'll try to update my texture library with unique materials. Here is just a bit of what I photographed today.

Interesting what kind of elements you can find in town. I really like the design of this lamp post. Reminds me of the old 60's & 70's sci-fi movie props.
Next dose of photos next week !

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