Monday, 2 May 2011

Few words about creativity ...

Is it just a simple word or a complex process that is being created inside our brain ? Well I think the answer is obvious. But the process itself needs some more receptors from the outside word to occur. There aren’t less creative people than others. It is all based on hard work and mostly on experimenting. The most brilliant and creative solutions mostly come unexpected.
'Creativity without craft is like fuel without an engine - it burns wildly but accomplishes little...'
This quote fits here perfectly. In case of being creative a person needs to experiment with ideas and research the subject very widely. Someone would ask what is creative? Well answering that isn’t that simple. I think that every work that presents new solutions and something totally unique is creative.
Innovation perhaps? Well, creativity and innovation are to different things. One is a development of new concepts and ideas and the second ones is applying them into a specific context. Basically one predates the other. In order to make an innovation in any field first you need to finish your creative process.

Humans as a species is very creative. Since the beginning of cultures we saw a rise in many different fields. Technology, medicine, Art, you name it. It has been everywhere. Without it we wouldn’t have any of our day use equipment. For example If it wasn’t for Thomas Edison we would still sit in dark with candles. Well that is just an example but surely someone would came up with a light bulb idea sooner or later. But we all got the point.

As for the art side of creativity. For the past three decades we have seen some brilliant and creative ideas that gave a beginning for something new which for us now is just routine. There isn’t any company in the world that has all the time creative ideas and implements them into the industry. Some of them have their time to shine but for the most time they sit back and do their routine. We can mostly see that in the FPS genre nowdays. I think that the only way to improve it or come out with some creative solutions is to push forward all the potential of that genre using all the technical possibilities that are available. DICE studion already proved to us that all FPS games doesen't have to look like Call of Duty. They did that with releasing Bad Company 2. Now they have created a new engine called Frostbite 2.0 just espessialy for Battlefield 3 which is due to release in October.

What does creativity look like ? It's really hard to say. Some things for some people might be creative and for others not. Depends how you look at it. As I said erlier with the graphics. I think one of the examples could be a massive graphic improvement.

As an artist I think that the most important thing is to keep on going and being strong about your work. Experiment with and research would be the place to start your creative process to expand. The more wide is your area of interest the more different and creative ideas you can produce.

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