Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Introduction to the Game Industry

Past year I've been researching the industry constantly. Reading news and asking friends which are already working in some companies have increased my knowledge in that field. Some facts i've learned I did already know or suspect but some of them were suprising. Although the game industry is suffering the global economy crisis and studios are being close it still is one of the main entertainment sector in the world. Getting a job in it is being harder with each year.

I have always thought that if you are hired as a character artist or an environment artist you will only do that. I was clearly mistaken. It happens in most cases all over the industry, but not all. Some friends that are already working in the industry told me that they thought they will be working on what they applied for but most of the time they do a bit of this, a bit of that and they rearly build assets for environments like they thought they would be doing. Most of the work is outsourced from Asia. The work that they get back is a totall mess most of the time so this is where thay come in to fix it up and put it into the company standards. Tho companies have their specialists like weapon artists, environment artists and character artists but there is only a few of them which are the main guys. They are responsible for the main assets in the game. I think to become one you need to prove in your portfolio how good you are and you are worth having as fpr an example environment artist.
Then how to fit into the bigger picture in the industry ? I think a combination of having alot of usefull skills and specializing in one is the key. On the interview show the best of your work with a diversity of different skills in it to secure youreself a job. It is also very important to research the company you want to work for before building up a portfolio. I am thinking here about companies that are reachable not the high end developers becouse you always need to land your first job and it's up to you how much work you are willing to put in your portfolio to get to the company you want.

Want to work in the US ? Are you an European citizen ? Are you good at what you do ? Than I got great news for you ! You won't get a job ! .... Im done here.
I always thought that as a european citizen I will be able to work in the "US and A" but it turns out that you're more likely to win the lottery than get the proper paperwork to be able to work there. You have to be brilliant at what you do and then the company you want to work for has to enquire for the proper documents for you to bring you to the country. I have heard about people getting jobs in America and they were ready to go work there but all failed becouse they didn't recieve the proper documentation that will allow them to work there. This is sad but true. Dream shattered becouse of some govermental offical which is a horrible pearson.

Although I hear good and bad news from the game industry I still want to work there. Can't imagine myself doing anything else. It is up to me how will I manage my journey in it and how far will I get.

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